Along with the first edition of Henshin Mangá - a comic by Editora JBC published in 2014, compiling 5 winners of the BMA (Brazil Manga Awards) contest - we had the publication of 'Starmind', one of the most commented by the reviewers of this edition of the contest.
We are introduced to little Arthur, who just wants to be smart and get good grades, who is the child who never wanted that? What changes everything is when the child's desire is fulfilled, and of course, with power comes also the legacy and its mission.
With a simple narrative, the authors Daniel Bretas (Toppera) and Ricardo Tokumoto (RYOT) surprised the evaluators “the request for a shooting star to be more intelligent is the thread of the plot, but if this is good or not, it is the reader who will judge ”, reports professor and Dr. Sonia Luyten who was part of the evaluation board.
According to Cassius Medauar, editor-in-chief of JBC, this was one of the favorite works from the beginning “incredible design, intelligent script, agile and with a beautiful beginning, middle and end. Starmind was the only story we received that was absolutely ready to be published by any publisher ”, declares the editor.
“Starmind has what all manga craves, but few have”, evaluates Fábio Yabu, who continues explaining how the narrative trapped him from beginning to end “mixes Nietzsche with Foucault and Street Fighter and gives a boring combo”, he declares with references to work and its inspirations.
As there is little care, Arnaldo Oka comments on the dangers of using a script and style mosaic art “I think it is essential to keep the line consistent with the story you want to tell”, he warns.
The story of Artie, a boy who, eager to be smart, had his request granted by a shooting star will be continued by Editora Draco.
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