Hello, my name is Daniel Bretas. I live and work as a freelance artist in Belo Horizonte. I have a BA in Cinema and Audiovisual from UNA and I work in the audiovisual and art direction markets. My focus is on graphic design, illustration and videomaking.
 As a freelance designer, videomaker and illustrator I have clients such as Globo, Grupo Bernoulli, OAB, A Macaco and Acme Records. I have several award-winning comic projects in Japan and Brazil.

You can contact me at 
Email: dantprniel@gmail.com
Phone: +55 31 9 9899 4757
"There are artists who are able to move between different languages, which makes their research quite unique. This is the case of Daniel Bretas, who uses drawing, illustration, photography and cinema to materialize his visions. His experience in dissecting body structures in drawing is clear in the photographic portraits that explore the human figure, causing displacements and unusual places for these bodies. The scripts of his comics and videos permeate the encounters and mismatches of contemporary relationships in their various areas and depths. Even when he chooses to create individual pieces, his aesthetic sense and a very sharp notion of composition are always present. All these characteristics and options, however consonant they may seem, add up and build a rich and multifaceted work, faithful to the mutability of this author."

Paula Coraline for Diacritico
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