For about 2 years I was very uncomfortable and recorded (and saved) more than 360 videos using Snapchat.
The first victim was my cat, Nia ... with just under 10 seconds of flash she slapped me.
This one I didn't keep.
But the idea remained and I persisted in playing with several people.
The thing was simple: open the app, turn on the flash, hit someone in the face and post in the feed that would stay there for 24 hours.
I don't know what the intention really was: to see the reactions, do with as many people (known and unknown) as possible, map the corners where I went and test the reach of the social network.
Halfway there was also the idea of ​​making a film, it would be a ridiculous and tiring film, but if I did it with 360 people I would have a 1 hour feature.
Today we have platforms with similar features on almost all social networks and Snapchat is practically obsolete (in an almost ironic time). These short daily videos dominate much of the content we are fed.
The next day they disappear and are forgotten. Going against that, perhaps I did not want to abandon those memories.
Taking these images out of their place and time, I also investigated the ontology itself and the permissibility of these images.
These 360 ​​fragments became Caverna, but I think it’s not really a film, nor an experimental video ... just like Eduardo Coutinho’s A Day in the Life I’ll call it a stretch.
This section was divided into 8 episodes / memories and is available vertically on IGTV, plus a video platform that encompasses all of this everyday virtual abstraction.
All episodes are on instagram profile.

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